Tuesday, April 3, 2012

As my period ends

If you're doubting that I mean "that period" as in my menstrual cycle, don't doubt. I am actually saying in this space that as of today, my monthly cycle is winding down.

I feel comfortable saying such things partially because most of my readers are female, but more so I'm saying it to express gratitude. Usually when women speak of their periods it's in terms of misery and lamenting. Unlike many women though, I feel the symptoms only slightly. A bit of discomfort off and on, but not the intense cramping and headaches that many experience.

My gratitude isn't actually so much so for the lack of pain though. I'm grateful for the lack of pain because for me, it means something more. When my mom reached age 24, her periods became more intense and painful than they ever were before. That marked the beginning of a long struggle to have children, as the pain was a manifestation of other problems, including endometriosis. This is why it's just me and my brother.

So with each passing cycle in my body, I feel excited at the thought that my body will—most likely—still be capable of conceiving. Whatever physical problems lurk in my future, they have not yet set in. When all the other aspects of my life seem to be falling apart, I'm grateful that one thing in me will work when the time is right. This is not of course to imply that women who suffer problems with infertility are "broken" or "failing." But in my own personal realm, it means I have a potential in me that is greater than I can imagine. This is something to be grateful for.

With that thought, I'll suggest you download this free album with a special tip of my hat to the song, "On the Hudson," which invites us to "sing of avocado trees and ships and unborn children in your hips."


  1. At first I was laughing that you put this on your blog, but then I continued reading and now appreciate the frankness and seriousness of your post. That is indeed something to be grateful for. I wish you well in the future =)

  2. I feel the exact same way, Katie, and I LOVE this. A couple of years ago I had some issues that made my period stop for a while. For most of the time, I was just grateful for the break from the "inconvenience" that I saw it as. It wasn't until one day when I realized that it meant that I couldn't have children that I finally went and talked to a doctor about it. (Looking back on it now, I think it's silly that I didn't realize that and do something about it right away, but oh well.) Now, every month when I get my period, I feel this intense reverence and gratitude for it. I love how you addressed that same reverence in this post.


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