Saturday, June 29, 2013

Gooey Butter Cake and Caramel Cake

In the newlywed chaos, two cakes have emerged since my last cake event. They were nothing as complicated as the 108 Oreo Cake or the infamous Cookie Dough Cake, but they were certainly delicious.

For winter finals: Paula Deen’s gooey butter cake with sliced strawberries on top.

For spring midterms: Caramel Cake from Our Best Bites, which I also added sliced strawberries to.

Of the two, the Caramel Cake was definitely the more delicious of the two. I’m finding that if you let yellow cake sit for a day before eating it, the flavors mingle in a wonderful way. Such was true with this cake, and the Cookie Dough Cake as well. And I wouldn’t recommend omitting the strawberries on top with the caramel cake. They’re a must-have, per usual.

These are both great cakes to make if you're looking for something awesome, but less time consuming than the 108 or the Cookie Dough.  Sadly, I didn't take pictures of either of these cakes. But here's a picture I'm quite fond of. 
I don't know what exactly it says about our relationship, but I'm pretty sure it says good things. 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Big, Big Cake Event

 I told Jacob that instead of me making him a cake for winter midterms, I was planning our wedding cake instead—a true cake event.
 We had four different ice cream cakes from Coldstone Creamery, and it worked out great! This is a lovely option if you want lots of pretty, tasty cake for a good price. But they take a lot of muscle to cut, as you can see here.

(Thanks goes to my co-worker who kindly sat with me at lunch and helped me choose the most delicious combinations even though she wouldn’t be able to eat them and their gluten-infested insides.)

It's Cake Week! Send me a picture of your best Cake Event at 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cake Week! Cake Week!

Though posting has been sporadic, the cake events have continued!

Cake event, noun: the over-the-top cakes, Ellis makes Super to celebrate the commencement of midterms and finals.

You’ll notice that “midterms and finals” means a cake event every two months during fall and winter semester, and a cake every three weeks during spring and summer terms. That’s some intense cake making for the summer months.

And it’s time to get baking again. So on that note, I declare this Cake Week. Cake Week means I put up some pictures of us and fancy cakes, culminating in pictures of the newest Cake Event, which will happen sometime before next Tuesday.

I now declare this Cake Week—open.

Have you made any awesome cakes in the last few months? Send me a picture at, and I'll post the best ones here. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

To Fathers

Today—the day after Father's Day—I saw the most lovely thing. At one minute to my train's departure time, I was still in the parking lot, running at full tilt to the platform. As I approached, I noticed a man casually standing on the platform near the doors.

His cream polo shirt with orange and red stripes was tucked neatly into his khaki pants. He had a fair amount of hair left—a bit fluffy, in the color scheme of his shirt—and large glasses with thin rims.

As I threw myself into the open door of the train, I realized he was standing there conversing happily with his son, a nice kid in the image of his father, wearing a charity fundraiser t-shirt and a sixteen-year-old grin.

I took my seat, as the doors closed and the train started out. The father started out too—framing himself in the window across from his son and waving with the same grin. He smiled and waved and kept pace with the train. Occasionally stooping down in the classic imitation of going down stairs. The train moved faster, and so did this dad. He ran along with his ipad in one hand and more waving with the other until the platform ran out and the train was out. And by then, I was crying.

I'm crying again as I write this. Everything about it was just so beautiful: all the joy brimming over and the love pouring out, and the son who seemed to enjoy it. The train goes to the airport, so it's possible this was goodbye for longer than a day, but I doubt this kid was going away for very long. I think his dad just really likes him.

It reminded me of the father who wore 170 different costumes over the school year as he waved to his son on the bus. You can read about that here.

I think seeing these two made me happy because my dad is sort of like them. He doesn't wear silly costumes, and he's never sent me away on public transit. But he hangs around like that. He keeps talking with me until the last second, and that always makes me feel loved. It's clear that he loves me and my brother by his smile. My dad is a great man through and through.

I wanted to share this video on fathers. It's a bit repetitive, but I think about it often.

P.S. Super and I got married! Hence my lack of posting. Do forgive me. To whet your appetite for great pictures of us, you can go here:
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