Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Daylight lost

While changing times usually affects me a lot, this week it's only had one negative effect on me: I forget that it will be dark when I walk home. When I leave campus, there are these very steep stairs surrounded by dense bushes. I'm often certain that they will both be the end of me. Or at least, the stairs will be the end of my ankles, and that the bushes will be the beginning of a delicious meal for whatever monster is going to pop out of them and eat me.

One of those may be more logical than the other. Maybe.

I tried to be more positive than normal when I walked down them last night, feeling in the darkness for the edge of each stair, being brave enough to not cling to the rail next to the bushes, and not thinking about anything that might be in the bushes.

Its helps to remember that with each toe, God knows exactly where I'm at. He knows when I step down in the darkness.

Down. Level. Down again. Level. Home. 

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