Monday, February 20, 2012

Canadian Heritage? It sounds as ridiculous as American Heritage really is

"Smart girls like us, we can get at least a C on multiple choice tests without even going to class," I told my roommate, Aneka.

Aneka notified me that while this is true, the test she was about to take was for American Heritage—the most infamously terrible and unpassable class in the history of BYU. This class makes grown men cry. Though designed for freshmen, even a seasoned college student will only scrape by with lots of effort.

More importantly though, Aneka is Canadian. They definitely don't prepare you to take American Heritage in Canada.

Of course, Aneka would study and prepare and nail this test on a normal week. These past few weeks have been anything but normal. She's been distracted by this brown-haired man who has two broken thumbs but seems to love her still the same. In our apartment, we're learning to let love trump all other pursuits. American Heritage didn't stand a chance. All you can do at that point is pray though, since in some realm of the universe, it still matters whether Jefferson declared the pursuit of happiness or whether that came from John Locke.

I was at work when I got this text: "I got a 73! I don't even know what letter that is cause I've never done so bad, but I'm so happy!"

This sign that things work out made me so happy that I started crying right then and there for Aneka who got a C and the boy who can't use his thumbs.

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