Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Valentine's Gift to You

For reading my blog, I'd love to give you something great. So here's something. These are some of my favorite words on marriage from one of my favorite bands, Chasing Owls. The video's not the most exciting thing ever, but the lyrics and the sounds—splendid.

"Walk with me between the mast and rigging. Walk with me to tell me what you're thinking. For I've watched you at the start, and I'll watch you 'til the end. That is her right now—your only friend."

I love everything about this song but mostly it's the idea of seeing others in love, believing in them, and doing as it says in the song: "Tell me that it's love, and I'll tell you that's enough. And I myself will push you down the river."

I can think of at least one couple I'd love to push down the river (ten points if you can find a post about it on here), one I have (except I don't take much credit for it), and several who work on pushing me (here and here [I need to write more about these people, obviously.]).

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