Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's time for one of these things...

I'm feeling the need for some gratitude listing right about now. Why quelch a feeling like that? And why miss an opportunity to say "quelch"? It's at least seventy times seventy more times awesome than saying "quench."

1. My brother played Risk: Factions with me on Sunday. It was a splendid game, and I'm grateful he still agrees to play games with me after our childhoods have ended.

2. I was really hoping and praying for some good deals while shopping. That prayer was indeed answered when I found these awesome boots at Target that will keep me warm and dry and still make me feel good about the way my feet look when I wear them and it doesn't end up snowing. I'm grateful for this insurance against the dark feelings the cold brings.

3. My dad has been reading my blog lately. I'm really grateful for his constant support of everything I do. He has always encouraged me to write, which has been invaluable for making me a happy person. I don't know what I'm do without him. I'm more grateful for him that my heart can hold.

4. My mom made some really great cornbread last night. I'm grateful for her efforts to make dinner for our family, even when it is really difficult to put together a meal in our kitchen and for our family's ever-changing tastes and preferences.

5. I'm grateful for the ability to write, the chance to move thoughts and feelings out through my fingertips. I sometimes wonder, if I couldn't write, would my fingers swell up with everything running through me?

6. I'm grateful for the Christmas holiday. Now, I hate commericalism and things, but I do love having a chance to think about gifts for those I love. Of course, gift giving is a very imperfect means of expressing love, but I enjoy the chance to think through what each person will enjoy the most and how I can create it for them.

7. I'm grateful for phones and text messages and emails that don't cost a fortune. 

8. I'm strangely grateful for the number eight. It reminds me of a memory trick one of my teachers taught me to remember the eighth amendment (it's sort of gruesome, so I'll spare you the mnemonic device) which then reminds me of all the wonderful teachers I've had throughout my schooling.

9. I'm grateful for Super and his general peaceable approach to setbacks.

I could put a number ten, but I don't want to give anyone the false impression that this is the end-all-be-all of lists.

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