Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It's Cold, Because I Know That

Salt Lake and Provo have been experiencing cold temperatures the likes of which we haven't seen in years. I'm qualified to say that, unlike most everyone in Provo, because I've lived here for 24 years. Usually I get really annoyed with all comments on how each year's winter seems to be stacking up to the previous winters, but this time, when I hear people complain that it's unusually cold, I agree.

As unscientific as this sounds, it hit me just how cold it's been when I walked out of work into seventeen degree weather and felt warm by comparison. So weird.

In good news, it means 'tis the season to share what I believe is the greatest video available on all of YouTube. All of it. Really. Please share this post and video with your friends who don't know about the Canadian Border Patrol.


  1. Katie, I read your blogpost title and hoped that you were quoting the Canadian Border Patrol sketch. And you did, and linked to it too! It made my day.

    It is startlingly beautiful and bitterly cold in central New York today, and I know that (though we've only lived here almost six years).

    1. Anika, I'm really glad that I satisfied your hopes, but I've even more glad that you knew the video already, probably via Peter, who memorized it after Jacob and I first showed it to him last year. :)


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